Why I Love to Code

As a software engineer and former music educator, I approach obstacles with effective communication, patience, and creativity. My passion lies in creating sparks of imagination to transform ideas into deliverable results. My ability to write code is enhanced by my expertise in connecting with other people, considering and articulating their needs, and helping them achieve success using skillful and methodical problem-solving strategies. Regardless of the task, I am committed to building innovative and efficient products for clients, businesses, and beyond.

Building sites to help you
build success

My sites are responsive, built on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript – ready for use on every screen.

We live in a mobile world and I want to help ensure that your site can reach your customers on any device. Let's deliver your content in a way that is straightforward and clearly conveys your message and mission.

Let's work together
Katie Hom

My Services

Making Modern Sites Using the Latest Standards


Let's discuss your visions and needs for your project and the impression you want to deliver to your audience.


I'll provide you a detailed proposal and an estimated timeline so we can move forward with a plan of action.


As I develop your site, I will provide regular updates on my progress.


When delivering your final project, I'll ensure you feel confident using it and offer optional, ongoing support.

My Portfolio
Backstock App


Keep track of what items you have on hand so you only buy what you need. This is a full stack REST API web application with authentication built with Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, EJS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and CSS.

Clear Water Counseling website

Clear Water Counseling

Freelance client project helping Clear Water Counseling build their website to give their counseling practice greater personalization and visibility. Built with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Eurasian Pacifica Inc. Website

Eurasian Pacifica Inc.

Project Phase 1 with freight management and logistics company, Eurasian Pacifica Inc. to build out their introductory site for better business visibility. Built with Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Colleen Bredell & IM Counseling Website

Colleen Bredell & IM Counseling

I worked with my freelance client Colleen Bredell & IM Counseling to completely modernize and revamp their outdated therapy practice website. Built with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

FridgeSpace App


Memories can live on - online, instead of on the fridge. Upload children's art and other photos to the gallery. Built with MVC, Cloudinary, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, EJS, Passport, Tailwind CSS, and DaisyUI.

ReWoven website


Freelance client project helping ReWoven build their new website and launch their business helping care for new and expecting mothers and infants. Built with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Theory Revolution App

Theory Revolution

An interactive music theory educational application to help immerse students in learning note values, rhythm patterns, and beat function. Built with React, Node.js, JavaScript, and Figma.

Ben Folds Songs App

Ben Folds Songs

Search for any Ben Folds or Ben Folds Five song to see the album cover and explore more information about the album. Built with Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Song Beats App


An app to help you find songs at your ideal tempo for running, aerobics, work soundtrack, marching band, choirs, and many more. Built with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and using the GetSongBPM API.